About Me

I am a book-loving, coffee-drinking, fake-it-till-I-make-it 20-something who is trying to create my own little niche in the blogosphere.  As of May 6, 2017, I hold a B.S.B.A. in Marketing and a B.A. in Spanish, both from Tennessee Tech University, and have since started my first full-time job in my field, which I was extremely lucky to find.  (BTW, if you speak Spanish and feel like chatting, please hit me up — I am always looking for conversation partners.)  Reading and writing are my favorite pastimes, and I also really love the Internet.  When it’s warm, you can find me hiking with my husband, family, or friends — I love being outdoors.  I also love seeing different parts of the USA and have been to some gorgeous places — so far, my favorites include Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and of course, Tennessee.

About the Blog

This blog began in 2012 as a sewing blog that I rarely updated.  I was a freshman in high school, and loved blogging, but didn’t have time to sew.  I also realized I had more to say, so a couple years later, I re-titled it Mission:Incomplete (you can read why here) and began blogging more consistently.  A few years after that, it became NerdyWordyBirdy, which it hopefully will stay.

Regardless of the title, here you’ll find book reviews, life & goal updates, and discussions on different aspects of our society here in the US.  You can expect 3-4 posts per month on average (my life keeps changing, so my posting schedule has to also).  While I’m still working on making my blog the best that it can be, it’s a great platform for connecting with others who are passionate about books, self-improvement, sociology/politics, and the myriad of other things that hold my interest.


You can find archived posts of my regular features by exploring the menu at the top of the page.  But I’ve been blogging for years, and not all my posts are tagged.  (I’m working on this.)  For those who need a little push: if you like to read, check out my book reviews. If you’d rather join discussions on society, find out what I have to say about Aziz Ansari and sexual consent, or the NFL’s decision on standing during the national anthem.  If you’d rather get to know me, I’ll tell you about my relationship with Christianity, my first full-time job, or how I relate to my much-younger brother.  And as of December 2017, this and this are my most popular posts of all time.


  1. Hi! I love how you’ve structured your about page (also, the design for this blog is beautiful).
    Can I just say – I also really like your username (not only does it rhyme, but it’s three fantastic words in a row! :P)
    I’ve tagged you for the Chocolate Book Tag as a thank-you for following allthingswordy (and liking my posts). Hope you decide to do it (it’s okay if you don’t).
    You can find the questions (and my post) here.

    • Thanks so much for visiting and for the compliments! :D also I’m really excited that you tagged me for the chocolate book tag because I saw your post and really enjoyed it! I’m excited to do my own chocolate tag.

    • I’m glad that you’re going to do it! Looking forward to reading a lovely chocolate-filled post!

  2. Okay my interest is piqued. I’m curious to see how your blog blossoms. I liked the fact that it started out as one subject but branched into so many others. Hence the lesson learned by every creative soul – you being a seamstress should have vast knowledge of how an idea forms and then there is the effort to make the picture in the mind turn into reality, but find out soon enough that you are only a vessel; the in between from the creative idea to the actual product. I believe Flannery O’Connor made mention to this as well in crafting her short stories. But I digress, good luck and follow Cocktail Molly on wordpress, facebook, and twitter. Thank you and peace be with u.

  3. Love the Tolkein quote. STORY OF MY LIFE (or at least, what much of post-graduation has felt like). Thanks for following my blog (and thus pointing me to yours– that of a fellow word nerd)! :)

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