Five Favorites: Beauty, Media, Dogs, and More

Disney Classical

I don’t really listen to the radio much anymore, preferring podcasts and Spotify playlists. I’m trying to branch out a bit this year into some new genres, especially R&B and soft rock since I know I like chill background music for work. Sometimes, though, I just want something different. Enter the Disney genre on Spotify (did you know that was a whole genre?)! I love the Disney Classical playlist because it’s low-key and not distracting, but nostalgic at the same time. And man, that Finding Nemo playlist is gorgeous.

Mentor Match

The big industry organization through my workplace offers a mentor match program, and I’ve been accepted as a mentee this year. Over the past couple years, I’ve realized I lack knowledge in some key areas, and had been looking for a way to fill the gap. This mentor program is the next best thing to actually working under a more experienced marketing director so I am super excited to meet with my mentor over the next 6 months. I have some big goals, and am ready to get back to tackling them after treading water basically all of last year. If you have something like this available to you, do it.


I finally started watching Superstore. Parks and Rec is still probably my favorite sitcom of all time, but Superstore might give it a run for its money. The characters are both relatable and likable, and I love the little inserts of customers doing weird things in the store. I only worked retail for a few months one summer and it was the worst job I’ve ever had, so I’m enjoying being able to laugh at the ridiculousness of retail from afar. Also, I saw recently that they are ending with 6 seasons which I am applauding. (Although 4-5 seasons is the perfect length, if anyone’s asking my opinion. It’s long enough to get great plot and character arcs in, but not too long that it starts feeling forced. And you avoid the dilemma of having to end the show because of a ratings dip, which always makes shows end weirdly. Okay, rant over.)



I finally joined Reddit because my husband kept finding out about local news and events before me, and then I discovered nail polish Reddit. I’ve gotten super into nail polish recently after I cleaned out my collection, and Reddit is definitely feeding that addiction. I’m not into fancy nail art or acrylics, but just by reading and getting tips from other nail redditors, I’ve been able to grow my natural nails out a bit and improve my polish application and wear time. The Seche Vite topcoat and glass nail files have been two huge finds, and now I have a pretty large wish list of polishes I want. It’s a fun, easy hobby that doubles as a mood boost.

Still working on not flooding my cuticles, but this has turned into a favorite color! OPI Put It In Neutral.

Dog Cousins!

When we got our dog Maggie last year, I was nervous for her to be around other dogs. Since she was adopted, I didn’t know her history with dogs, and never having owned multiple dogs myself, I wasn’t very familiar with dog behavior. We have eased Maggie into visiting the dog park and go at least once a week. She’s okay at playing and we have seen her open up, but she still gets overwhelmed with multiple dogs around, especially if they’re rambunctious. However, a few weekends ago, she got to play one-on-one with my cousin’s puppy, and by the end of the weekend, she was initiating play with him and able to ignore/discipline him when she was tired. It was very different behavior than I’ve seen her exhibit at the dog park – she was more relaxed rather than anxious or on alert. I’m excited to see whether her behavior changes at the dog park because of this.

What’s something that’s brought you joy this week?


  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying Superstore. I also love the little inserts of customers doing ridiculous things in between other scenes, and I agree completely with you that it’s best when shows end on their own terms with a planned ending, rather than going on and on and on until they’re not the same show.

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