More NaNoPoblano Bloggers I’m Enjoying

My last post highlighting some of my favorite work by NaNoPoblano bloggers was over a week ago, so here are five more folks I’ve enjoyed reading this month.

POETRY: Owen at No Talent for Certainty writes poetry, and I am usually not a big poetry fan, but there are some absolutel gems here. A Neither Kind of Both was one of my favorites, plus there’s some good food poems.

TRAVEL: Deepika shared some photos from her visit to the Chennakesava Temple in India several years ago. Just look at the detail in the architecture! I imagine that seeing that in person is breathtaking.

LIFE: Jessie at Behind the Willows sharing her journey with concussion recovery, plus vignettes from her own life that are sweet and thoughtful.

ART: Leanne at Read and Write Here shared her take on collage art. It kind of made me want to make my own.

HEALTH: Bill Friday is chronicling his summer full of health issues in a really engaging way, plus I think all his post titles this month have been movies which is fun.

Click this pepper to visit the rest of the NaNoPoblano bloggers.

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