Where Were You?

I was in the shower.

We had planned on running this morning. We are signed up for a 5k next weekend, but neither of us have run since July. (Oops.) We were planning on using this week like a student uses the night before a test, fitting a few days of runs in and pretending it would be enough to not feel like we were dying as we ran 3.1 miles. Instead, we laid in bed watching news bloopers on YouTube and ordered McDonald’s for breakfast.

We walked the dog for 30 minutes in a neighborhood near our house. It was gorgeous out this morning – 65 degrees and sunny. We haven’t gotten much fall color here this year, but leaves are starting to brighten.

When we got back to our house, I hopped in the shower, getting ready to go return some stuff to Target. At 11:30, my husband burst in the bathroom to tell me they called Pennsylvania. Biden and Harris clinched the presidency.

I’m not really a crier. It takes me a minute to feel my emotions. I was glad, obviously – so, so glad. I texted my sister asap. I messaged a couple friends. I scrolled through my socials and watched people celebrate and breathe a sigh of relief.

All day, though, I’ve felt my body relax a bit. I think I clench my jaw when I’m stressed; sometimes it makes my molars sensitive. That wasn’t happening. I felt the biggest release of tension when I found this post.

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What a wonderful, wonderful morning. This country chose (albeit not as unanimously as we'd hoped) to elect a team of individuals who are dedicated to compassion and equality. And …. I also woke up to, uh, way too many notifications. Turns out the Kamala design of mine and @goodtrubble's has gone … viral? Which makes me so happy for Gordon, owner of WTF America (Good Trubble). He deserved this. And I cannot stress enough what a wonderful human and business partner he is. Just to clear up some misinformation (because that should be expected, and it's totally okay) … the design was by myself and @goodtrubble. Not Kara Walker – although I can see how it's reminiscent of her, for sure! And I love her work. I designed it in Photoshop myself☺ We have the legal rights to it, and – yes – tagging and mentioning us is so so so appreciated. Spread the word where you can. Most importantly, if you want a shirt with this design on it, head over to wtfamerica2017.com (link in @goodtrubble's bio) and support a fantastic black-owned business in Sacramento. And if you want a print – lots of people have been asking. We're working on it!! Follow @goodtrubble and stay tuned. We'll announce it when or if we do! I'll get to responding to all of your wonderful messages and follows and comments soon. But for now I'm tackling @goodtrubble's page, and enjoying THE FANTASTIC NEWS. Here's to the future.

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That post, and every post I’ve seen today about Kamala Harris, have given me chills. I am beyond thrilled about this result for too many reasons to count, but seeing this glass ceiling get broken by a black Asian-American women is everything to me. I think more than anything else, I lean left because women deserve better. And when we invest in women and allow them to meet their full potential, everyone benefits.

I am vividly aware that I need to get more involved politically throughout the next four years. I’m looking at what is happening in Georgia and wondering how I can help do the same thing here in Tennessee. I’m researching some volunteer options with friends and plan to edit my donations as well. The Biden/Harris win has given me enthusiasm and drive. I want to create change, too. I want to make a better world, too. I was taught growing up that you always leave a place better than you found it. During Biden’s presidency, and beyond, I want to do everything I can to make that happen.

Where were you when you found out?

NaNoPoblano 2020: 7/30


  1. I was getting ready to eat breakfast, my sister-in-law called to let us know because we aren’t always very media aware. We put out our flag: now it stands for hope.

  2. I was sitting at my computer, checking, social media and generally procrastinating my actual plans for the day, when I heard a lot of yelling and woohooing and dogs barking and car horns blaring. I knew something was being celebrated, so I went straight to the news sites to see if it was the election results. It’s a relief; the last week has been stressful.

    After that, I continued on with my plans, which involved a drive up to Maryland (I’ll talk about why in my Wednesday post…) – on the way to MD, I noticed the traffic going into DC was kind of bananas. It turns out that a lot of people had the idea to go celebrate in Black Lives Matter near the White House… if I hadn’t already been on a different side quest, I might well have gone to see.

    Maybe I’ll go today.

  3. Answer: in bed.
    Admittedly, Harris excites me way more than Biden. Like you, I am motivated to do my part to keep this momentum. No doubt we’ll have to fight fascist powers again in the future.

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