25 for 25

1. I feel young, and sometimes not in a good way. Youth at 25 feels like inexperience.

2. At the same time, I feel really accomplished for my age. I’m married, own a home, have a full-time job, and get to do fun stuff with my life like adopt pets and go on vacation. (Also, I’m fully aware of the privilege involved in being able to do these things and am working on making that privilege work for others too.)

3. My animals are my favorite (non-human) things in the whole world. If you can responsibly get a pet and you haven’t yet, what in the world are you waiting for??

4. I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up (but sometimes feel like the clock is ticking to decide).

5. Making new friends as an adult is really difficult. (I only feel like it’s going to get harder as people start having children??)

6. But keeping up with the ones I made in high school and college is great! It’s really special when childhood friends make the effort to keep up, because that means we are in it for the long haul.

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7. I feel like friends made in adulthood will be deeper, because they’ll be more dependent on shared values rather than friendships of convenience.

8. I’m still working on being more intentional with my time. Do I really want to spend my life scrolling through social media, or should I get up and do something?

9. Yoga is not going anywhere. My practice just keeps on expanding.

10. Spirituality and religion are weird and fun to explore.

11. Vote! Read up on local politics. Stay engaged.

12. It’s been about a year since I played my flute and I miss it.

13. Coffee is my biggest indulgence.

14. I wish I could become a morning person. I’m much more motivated on the days I eat breakfast at home instead of at my desk. Even with great tips and low expectations, becoming a morning person is slow going.

15. Documentaries continue to be one of my fave movie genres. (Recommending Crip Camp here. I accidentally watched it on the 30th anniversary of the ADA being passed.)

16. Working on walking the walk of “shop small” and “shop local” rather than just talking the talk.

My fave seasonal drink from my fave local coffee shop. Run by two lovely people that my parents taught in Sunday school when they lived here! Small world, eh?

17. In fact, working on that in many areas of my life. They don’t tell you how much work it is to make sure your intellectual beliefs spell out into direct action.

18. My money tip: if you can donate, do it. If you can donate more, do it. If you can reduce your coffee spending and donate even more, definitely do that. (That last line is my aspiration to myself.)

19. I used this tutorial to cut my own hair, just to see if I could. Result is passable. I do not recommend attempting to add curtain bangs. Just stop while you’re ahead.

20. Thank you, Taylor Swift, for releasing Folklore. I honestly love that she did not release any singles, because it allowed me to decide which songs I liked best without that weird radio pressure. (Is that just me?)

21. The pandemic has made me wish I lived in the same town as my family, even though I love where I live.

22. It took a couple years, but now I listen to podcasts almost as much as I stream music. My favorites are What a Day, Science Versus, For the Love, and before David Leonhardt left, The Argument. I’m looking forward to trying out The Michelle Obama Podcast and listening to more Code Switch and Reply All. Can anyone recommend some funny, light-hearted pods to soften all this news stuff a bit?

23. The COVID work slump is REAL, y’all.

24. High-waisted pants is where it is at. Give me the high-waisted everything.

25. Here’s to the rest of my twenties! I expect to feel like an adult the moment I hit 30. (lol.)


  1. 25. I doubled down on my adolescence when I hit 30.
    19. My daughter cuts her own hair and during the pandemic, she cut my wife’s and son’s hair. It makes me a little sad that she can do naturally what others go to school for. Seems unfair to them.
    14. I think becoming a morning person needs to happen holistically. It can’t be forced. Then it will just be filled with resentment.
    5. When (if) you have children, you will make countless friends through interactions with other families with kids. I think as an adult, that’s when I made the most friends.
    1. You’l still feel young and inexperienced at 50. It’s the curse of being an introvert. We take an analytical look at ourselves far too often and we’re much more prone to impostor syndrome.

    Is this your birthday? It’s my son’s birthday. Off to wrap presents…

    • 19. Wow she always cuts her own? I’m impressed!
      14. It definitely is for me! Woe is me, lol.
      5. See that’s the thing, I don’t particularly want kids and that’s how most adults I’ve ever known have made their close friends. I need to find me some fellow childfree people at some point I guess.
      1. True that.
      Yesterday was my birthday! Happy birthday to Eli!

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