September 2018 by the Numbers

Blog by the Numbers

  • 21: days since I last posted
  • 23: half-written posts I have sitting in my drafts folder
  • 5: number of those drafts that I might actually finish
  • 1,000: times I have gotten on WordPress to try and finish up a post and failed (okay, so maybe that’s a bit exaggerated)

Life by the Numbers

  • 5: days during September I was on vacation
  • 2.5: books I have read since my last What I’m Reading post
  • 4: band rehearsals I have been to so far
  • 2: volunteer shifts I have canceled because they fell on rehearsal days
    • Also the number of events it took for me to realize that event coordination is not my thing
    • Also the number of weeks we have visited a Life Group at the church we’ve been attending (verdict: meh so far)
    • Also the number of weddings I have been to this month
  • 1: articles I have written for places other than this blog!
  • 1: number of years of marriage we are about to celebrate

September has turned out to be a really busy month. Vacation somehow threw us both off and we’ve been trying to regain a balance for weeks. You know how they say you need a vacation from your vacation afterwards? I get that now. My yoga routine is pretty much gone because of vacation, and I also became even slower on the Bible study I was doing with my sister. I’m pretty sure she’s probably almost done with it by now while I’m stuck on week 3. I’ve also been meaning to get together with some friends and go see my family but those plans are still just ideas. I guess that just happens sometimes.

Before I end this, I want to shout out a mutual friend! If you read my lists above, you saw that I wrote an article for another publication. That publication is Common Knowledge + Simple Truths, a quarterly magazine for young women by young women. It’s very well done and a really nice place to turn to for advice, encouragement, and inspiration. If you’re a young woman, you should definitely check it out!

Photo by Karolina Szczur on Unsplash. I did write an article for Common Knowledge + Simple Truths; however, I was not asked to promote it and all opinions are my own.


  1. I wouldn’t feel too bad about the drafts, I have a ton as well. I actually had to go through them last year and finally delete the ones I was never going to finish. It was kind of a sad thing. Wishing you a happy and productive October!

  2. I never stop writing one post and move on to the next. In five years of blogging I’ve probably only left a handful unposted and in those situations I just threw them away. I have a tendency to work in a linear fashion and not take on something new until the last thing is complete. Sometimes it affects me at work.

    • Lol my drafts folder would prob drive you insane then! I use my drafts to keep track of post ideas and things I want to touch on in each so I don’t forget. And then inevitably I come back later and the ideas don’t sound as good. But I still leave them for later in case they do. Thus the 23 drafts.

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