Highlight Reel | Spring

From the outside, my life probably looks pretty mundane — I have a husband and a 9-to-5 and not too much going on.  But a lot has happened since my first highlight reel (which I enjoyed enough that it may become a semi-regular thing here — we’ll see).

  • We went on our first camping trip of the year at the beginning of April, when it’s supposed to be starting to get warm.  It didn’t — it was cold and rainy the entire time.  Now we have the bragging rights to having camped in freezing weather though, and we officially discovered that air mattresses are the most essential camping item (besides the tent).
    This isn’t the park we camped at, but this does reflect how foggy and cold it was.  This is from my front porch, where I can snap a pic and then go inside where it’s warm.


  • I got coerced into got invited to a free kickboxing class by a woman I met at a meeting, and discovered that if I ever want to get into kickboxing, I’m gonna have to do more cardio first, and also figure out how not to bruise my shins to bits trying to kick the bag.  I’d recommend it if you’re into aggression-fueled cardio and having your arms feel like jelly, though!  (Seriously, aside from my sad physical state it was pretty fun.)
  • My car decided to spring a really bad oil leak in a really inconvenient and expensive-to-fix place.  So even though we were hoping not to replace it before we bought a house, we did.  So now I have a new-to-us car, and all the windows roll down, and the seat belts retract, and all the oil stays in the engine where it belongs.  It’s a little bittersweet to give up my very first car, but it’s also 100% worth it.  (Even though we think we got took on the warranty — lesson learned.)
  • This past Saturday marked exactly one year since I graduated.  It’s hard to believe it’s been a year; it doesn’t feel like that long at all.  But I also really like where I am in life right now.
  • We saw Shinedown in concert for the second time, and they were just as amazing this time around.  While their latest album is a little heavier of a sound than I normally seek out, I really appreciate them as artists.  Every album is different, but they still retain their overarching positive and inclusive vibe.  They’re not overly angry or negative like some rock bands can be, and they put on a great show and really connect with their audience.
Please enjoy this obligatory, terribly fuzzy screenshot from a video that my husband took of their first song.
  • I’m really happy it’s finally getting warm outside, and in honor of that, I’m finally going to clean out my closet and try to build a capsule-ish wardrobe like I’ve been thinking about doing for years.

Here’s to spring!



  1. But like I can literally picture you taking that picture, turning around, and collapsing back in a couch. You went outside, it was cold, and you noped out of it 😂

  2. Yikes, the jelly arm thing is weird, right? I took two or three kick boxing classes a few years ago, and one time my arms were still shaking the next day! It was weird. I didn’t finish the course. (You’re right about the cardio). Congratulations on your new car! Sounds like a good decision :)

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