Blog in Review 2016

I’ve had Mission:Incomplete since 2012, but this June was really the first time I began getting serious about blogging.  I still only blog as a hobby, but since I’ve really become active in the WordPress community, blogging has become much more important to me.

Blogging helps me keep on track with my goals and gives me a creative outlet.  I love putting my thoughts in words, and often writing helps me really examine why I feel what I feel about a topic.  It helps me think critically.  In addition to that, reading others’ blogs has helped become even more culturally aware.  I’m more aware of current events, more aware of different worldviews, and more aware of just how many people are affected by mental illness.  This year, my political leanings have changed, and my religious beliefs have solidified more.  I’ve continued growing up, and the blogs I read have helped shape me.

My blog has grown a lot this year, too.  Posting regularly has made the biggest difference (which I should’ve known).  My number of followers has more than doubled since June, and while numbers don’t matter that much in the long run, I’m extremely thankful to everyone that has read and/or enjoyed my thoughts.  It’s always nice to be validated, you know?  So — a sincere thanks to you all.

And Now — Some Super Fun Blog Stats About 2016

Most popular post:  On Makeup

Least popular post:  Thanksgiving 2016

Total visitors:  visitors

# of countries views have come from:  57


Month with the most views:  November

Month with the least views:  May


See y’all in 2017!

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