My Favorite Beauty Bloggers

I have never gotten more views on a post than I have on this one.  Since I wrote it about a month ago, it’s been the most read post on my blog ever.  It seems that a lot of people want to read about makeup.

I get why that is.  Makeup is fun, and dynamic, and pretty.  It’s a form of art that is easily accessible, and it’s one that most everyone appreciates.  Combined with selfie culture, makeup is a magic wand.  It lets us transform ourselves.

I’ve gained a lot of new followers from this one post, and I appreciate that so much!  It always gives me a little boost of happy when I see that someone new has followed me.  So thank you for that!

But makeup is not what I write about.  I write about goals, books, and my other niche interests.  While I may begin to dabble more in makeup once I have a little more disposable income, I don’t think it will ever feature prominently on my  blog.  However, I still have that appreciation for makeup, and I want to appeal to you all, not just myself.  So today, here are four of the best makeup and beauty blogs that I follow.  They all tend to feature drugstore products, simpler looks, and a laid-back lifestyle.  Have fun exploring!

Keira Lennox — She is also great to follow on Insta, since she runs a flower shop and never lacks for beautiful bouquets!

Beauty on a Budget — I’ve branched out a little in lip colors because of her, and she has a knack for finding quality, affordable products.

Samaries — I just started following this blogger, who posts tutorials specifically for glasses wearers, which I really appreciate since I’ve never seen that before.

Ordinary Adventures — While this blogger doesn’t post a lot anymore, her archived product reviews are very informative.

Disclaimer:  I’m not getting anything from any of these bloggers for linking to their blogs.  I simply want to share the love!


  1. Thank you so much for including me in your list!! It means so much!! I am going to check out your other favorites. :)

    • Just visited; I love the look of it! Good reviews, too — I may have to see if I can find that “Holy Grail” eyeliner since products never stay on my lid either. (And since I’m such a novice at eyeliner.) My only suggestion is to add an about page; I love brief intros of the author and it’s always the first place I go when I visit a new blog! Thanks for reading.

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