On the Election

I didn’t want to write about the US Presidential election at all.  I dislike getting into politics.  I don’t know a lot about it, and I just don’t like what it does to the vibe of a room.  You bring up politics, and you bring up everybody’s baggage right along with it.  Obviously, politics are incredibly important, and paying attention to current events is just part of good citizenship.  But that’s not what I want for my blog, so I’ve refrained from posting about it.

However, this election is different than any other election we’ve had here. I was stunned to wake up yesterday morning finding out Trump won. I honestly didn’t think it would happen. 

But what shocked and saddened me more than anything were the blog posts I saw throughout the day. Nobody in my area made a big deal about the results in person (at least that I saw), but the internet blew up. I didn’t realize how many minority bloggers I follow until yesterday. It didn’t truly hit me how scared people are until I read the reactions. 

I am also afraid of a Trump presidency. But I’m a white, straight, middle class woman. I have much less to fear than black people, gay people, and immigrants. Yesterday, I read about people wondering if they should leave the country before they get deported. I read about people getting physically sick with anxiety over what may happen to LGBT rights. I read about people getting harassed like it’s the 19freaking60. 

I don’t want to be upset about the election. I want to stop thinking about it, and remember that there are checks and balances, and just focus on my semester of school. But I know that a lot of people can’t because they are afraid. 

I don’t know what I can do to make things better. The election is over. All I can do right now is say that I see you. I see your fear and your anger, and I am so sorry that America has failed you. 

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