Fall 2016 Goals Update

It’s almost exactly a month since I posted my original goal list for this fall.  Time to look back at the past month and see how I did!

Goals for Employment

  1. Apply for entry-level jobs in marketing.  As of today, I have applied for 6 and either been rejected or have not heard back yet from any.  I’m also planning on attending the COB-specific fair in November.  (I was going to go to the university wide one this past week, but made a bunch of excuses to myself and didn’t and then regretted it very much.  Don’t be like me.)  I’m also looking into real estate licensing, and have been contacting a few people back and forth about that.  At this point, I am not really expecting anything serious, but I am taking a JK Rowling-esque approach and trying to be proud of every rejection, because that means I stretched myself by applying.  Also, I’ve decided my job search motto is “Why not?”  (Should have reminded myself of that the day of the career fair.)
  2. Utilize university resources.  Check!  I took our online aptitude test.  If you’re curious, I’m an ISTJ; my interests are 1) project-based, 2) research-based, and 3) process-based; and my workplace values are 1) independence, 2) achievement, and 3) relationships.

Goals for Extracurriculars

  1. Video Production Team:  Work at least one game per sport.  By the time this is published, I will have worked soccer and volleyball.  Soon basketball will be starting, and I’m really excited about that!
  2. COB Ambassadors:  Work one event a month.  So far, I have attended lot of meetings and helped with a photo shoot (by being a model — just call me Gigi Hadid).  I also spent my Saturday helping with a Majors Fair for Preview Day and with the president’s tent at the football game. There will continue to be events going on so I’m going to keep taking advantage!
  3. COB Ambassadors:  project manage one project before graduation.  I now have a document with the basic project management process, and I know I can shadow/help out someone else who has managed before.  Hopefully I can do this before this semester ends so I’ll have enough experience to actually project manage next semester.

Goals for Daily Life

  1. Don’t add unnecessary stress.  This has actually been going well.  I’ve caught myself a couple times getting overly irritated with classmates or group members, and have been able to take a moment and let it go.  But it doesn’t hurt that this year has been one of the lightest homework loads I’ve ever had.  (How does this happen senior year??  I shouldn’t question it.)
  2. Cut back on buying coffee.  Seeing as how I’ve bought coffee roughly once a week since school has started (if not more), this is not really going great.  However, I am watching my budget pretty closely, and usually order pretty cheap drinks.  I also try to make myself coffee in the morning so I won’t buy any later in the day, and I take advantage of rewards programs so at least I’m getting a little back from all the money I’m spending.
  3. Make time for friends.  If I had re-read this list thirty minutes earlier on the day I wrote this, I probably wouldn’t have missed the start of a get-together I was invited to.  But by that time I was in full-on hermit mode, so there was no going back!  I haven’t gone full-on hermit mode for a full weekend yet, though, so there’s that.  Go me?
  4. Make time for myself.  Check!  I’ve had time to blog a lot, and that pretty much covers that.  I wish I had a little more time to read, but I’ll take what I can get.

And then, my be-all, end-all goal:

  1. Enjoy senior year.  So far, yes.  I am really into everything I’m a part of, and I even like most of my classes.  I’m having a good time hanging out with friends (when I do that, anyway) and the boyfriend, and the cut-out-unnecessary-stress thing has helped tremendously.

Overall, I’m doing really well so far.  This might point to my goals being well-chosen (attainable, realistic, etc) or it could point to life just being easy right now.  Either way, I will take it.


  1. Some (unsolicited) job-related advice from someone who was in your position somewhat recently: 6 jobs isn’t nearly enough to get discouraged about. You need to apply to a TON more, which I know isn’t easy with your studies! I used to spent 30 minutes to an hour a day job searching and applying. I know, I know, cover letters are epic and a huge time suck, but the more you apply to, the better you’ll get at applying, which will help you eventually get interviews and an offer. :)

    • I appreciate the insight, seriously! My head knows that 6 is a minuscule number, but my heart feels like 6 applications took up a lot of time and maybe that time was wasted. But you’re right; applying does take practice and I know I’ll get there eventually! Thank you for reading!

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