Bloggers: A Question for You About Commenting

The further I delve into the blogging world, the more blogs I seem to find that I really, really love.  When I first began blogging, I followed a ton of somewhat arbitrary blogs just to get my feet wet, and have unfollowed a lot of them because I ignored them when they popped up in my Reader.  But in the past few months, I’ve been blogging and interacting in the WordPress community more, which means I’ve found a lot of bloggers that I genuinely look forward to reading.  These bloggers are thought-provoking, or they make me laugh, or they write about things I’m really interested in.  But they’re all very different — the only common denominator is that they’re all genuine.  Most of them are smaller blogs, because a lot of the bigger ones I’ve found can feel too corporate.  There’s nothing wrong with being polished and professional, of course, and bigger blogs can be great.  But smaller ones feel like they could be written by my neighbor, or my classmate, or a family member even.  There’s an intimacy in them I love.

Honestly, I can think of three four five six seven (I keep thinking of another one!) bloggers just at this second that I would love to meet, because I think we would have interesting conversations.  I have to admit I’ve dreamed about having to go to X state, maybe on a business trip or something, and realizing I follow a blogger from there.  In a perfect world, I’d shoot the blogger an email, and in a totally non-creepy or stalkerish manner, explain that I’m a fan and that if they aren’t ridiculously creeped out by a random person asking them out for coffee, would they like to meet for an hour or two?  And we would, of course, and we’d have a great time, and it would be one of the best things we’d ever done.  (Or it would be super awkward and we’d both be forever scarred from blogging.  Who knows.)

However, this is real life, so I often have to settle for commenting.  But here’s the dilemma.  Occasionally, someone will publish three or four posts in a row that I really love and/or have thoughts about, and I always want to tell them what I thought.  But then I notice that I’m one of the only commenters, or that I’ve commented on every single post in the recent past.  I’m wary of becoming overbearing or annoying.  I’m inclined to think that comments will always be welcome, because I love love love getting comments, and I enjoy multiple comments from the same reader, because it establishes a relationship and shows engagement (and confirms that someone actually enjoys my writing! yay!).  But I know I am not everyone.

So, bloggers, how much is too much?  Do you like to see the same reader commenting a lot, or is that domineering?  Comment me your thoughts! (#irony)

Disclaimer:  I just realized that this post looks a bit like a thinly-disguised tactic to get more comments for my own blog.  I promise this is not the case; I am genuinely curious about how much commenting is appropriate.  


  1. Yeh I totally hear you, I sometimes hold back on commenting because I’ve already commented on two different posts in a row. To look less stalkerish I like instead 😂.
    But on the receiving I don’t think I would feel weird about it. I think I’d be a grateful and honored ☺️

  2. Hi :) I think blogs are meant for reading and commenting. If someone doesn’t want a comment he/she can simply remove that option. Also, you have the right to comment, as well as that person have the right to post about anything they want :)
    I consider this community a stress free enviroment where you can connect with other samethinkers(not sure if I used that word right, I’m not a native english speaker :P ) so enjoy it and comment away!💪😆😉

  3. I love comments! No amount is too much! That’s the honest truth. And I have definitely had coffee or dinner with a number of readers. We have had genuine, lovely, thought-provoking discussions and it has not been the least bit creepy.

  4. I love getting comments and repeat commenters are the best! It’s so amazing to be able to really connect with people and it feels good to know someone appreciates what you’re putting out there😊

  5. Repeating what everyone else has said — I think multiple comments are great! I am always really grateful and excited whenever someone takes the time to leave a comment on my blog, and even more so when they leave more than one. I’ve met a couple bloggers who routinely comment on my posts, and it feels good to know that they are engaged. I try to return the favor as much as possible, although I need to be better about it! (P.S. Chuckled to myself a few times while reading your post – I’m following your blog now!)

  6. On my blog, I typically get only a few comments per post, and they are usually from the same people over and over. I’ve gotten to the point where I truly think of these people as friends. When they *don’t* comment, I worry that I’ve lost them, or they didn’t like what I wrote. I don’t think you can over comment. The bloggers with few commenters probably really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to stop by… I know I do.

    BTW – there are definitely bloggers who I’d love to contact and go out for coffee. And I worry that they would think it was crossing a line. Thanks for bringing this up.

  7. I don’t think that it matters if the same people are replying – that’s good, you have a following. However, when I reply to other people’s blogs I do try to spread the comments out as I don’t want that person to think that I’m stalking them! I was really interested in your post because I have just started blogging and have been getting rather anxious about having lonely blogs ie there are no comments. This makes my blogs look lonely and that nobody cares what I have to say. People are slowly commenting and I now have a few followers. It takes time to build it but the Community Pool has been very helpful.

    • Yeah, I’ve definitely spread comments out before too. :) Also, welcome to the blogosphere! The community pool is so wonderful for growing readership. I’ve been blogging since 2012, but only starting participating in the Pool a few months ago, and my readership has almost doubled since then. It’s crazy! I wish I would have started earlier. Thank you for reading!

  8. I definitely did the same thing when I first started blogging. Following a bunch of blogs only to then narrow down the list and unfollowing when I realized their content just didn’t fit what I was interested in reading. But I have one blogger who I just adore because she’s funny and relatable and her writing style is genuine. I comment quite often though not on every post. Enough so she probably regularly recognizes my name.

  9. I love the comments! I have learned more about fellow bloggers this way. I don’t worry too much if I don’t get a comment on a post. I am guilty at not commenting as much as I should.

  10. Haha while I can’t tell you how everyone feels, I can tell you I love multiple comments, even from the same people. My favorite thing about the blogging community is how connected we all are, and commenting builds a connection out further. Also, I totally comment a bunch too.

  11. I wouldn’t sweat it too much. The blogger is probably just thrilled to have someone commenting, as seeing that 0 can be a little disheartening. They write so people can politely comment, and that’s what you’re doing.

    • Hi, I have to agree with this, as long as its not trolling or spam, I love getting comments :)
      Though, I have to admit I often stick with just liking a post and not post a comment even when I really like the post and have something to say. You can see I can get carried out, and I don’t want to come out… talkative (not the nice kind)? It’s usually just the introverted in me keeping me from reaching out.

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