Summer Goals Update

So, how am I doing on my summer goals?

1.  Be positive!!  Honestly, not too bad, but not great.  My job really tends to bring me down.  I try to go in with an okay attitude and then I get there and end up in a horrible mood.  Which is not good for my customer service skills or my well-being.  However, I’ve had some interesting opportunities for the fall (which I’ll talk about below!) and I got to see the boyfriend for the Fourth, so those are all happy things.  Plus, I may get to go home for the rest of the summer.

2.  Plan meals for the week and cook at least four times a week.  Planning I’m doing great on!  Every time I go buy groceries I make a point to have a list of possible dinners and make sure to get the things to make those.  Cooking those I’m not doing great on, but it’s a start at least.  It helps to make a physical list of dinner options so I can look at it during the week and try to plan time to prepare food.  My main thing is actually remembering that I have options.

3.  Research job options.

Last week I stumbled upon a local realty website whose contact form specifically requested info from people who are interested in real estate, so of course I emailed them!  I got to go to the office and talk to the broker, who told me a bit about the licensing process, the regulations for real estate agents, and a bit about the daily process real estate agents go through.  Then I got a tour of the office and got to meet some of the agents and realtors, and met one woman, Brandi, who needs help with data entry.  She showed me an example of a listing and told me the basics of what you would input into the system.  There’s the possibility that they may call me to help with that, which would be awesome.  But if not, I still learned a lot more about realty than I knew before, and it was super helpful to be able to see an actual office.  I learned that it’s higher stress than I imagined, but the flexibility and work still sounds appealing to me.  Just from those few minutes, I think realty is still something I should look into.

Also, for the fall semester, I am officially a part of my university’s sports video production team (got the official email a few days ago).  I know almost nothing about sports or video production, so it will definitely be a learning experience!  Besides the fact that the work should be really fun and interesting, I’m excited for several other reasons: 1) my boyfriend also applied and will more than likely get hired, so I should get to work with him; 2) I will get to choose my own hours for this job every month, because they know students have weird schedules; and 3) I’ll get paid more than minimum wage.  Yay!

4.  Do sewing projects.  I have time, but not the supplies.  I should probably take this off the list.

5.  Read Spanish.  Honestly, I kind of forgot about this one.  However, one of my classes is about to end, which will free up a bit of time.  I should make it a point to get one Spanish book next time I am at the library.

6.  Go hiking.  Too hot.

7.  Go home.  I’ve gotten to go home so much in the past few weeks, which has been wonderful.  And like I mentioned before, I may get to go home for the rest of the summer.  I’m hoping that will work out, partly because my sister gets back from Mongolia in July, and I’d actually get to see her before the fall semester begins.  She’ll be starting her freshman year at my same university, but this next semester is gonna be so crazy we’ll have to actually work to see each other.

8.  Look into selling erasable calendars.  Maybe I’ll actually price stuff if I get to go home.  Must remember that pricing stuff is an option when I get bored at my apartment.

9.  Make a savings plan and budget.  Hahahahahahahahahaha.

10.  Blog a little.  Ta-da!  I’m about to finish another review book, so a new review will be going up soon in addition to this.

11.  Exercise at least 4 times a week/every other day.  Not great, but not awful.  I ran/walked about 2 miles with my dad last time I went home, and did the modified Pinterest routine at home again the other day.  I also seem to remember using my Sworkit app for a small 10-minute yoga routine last time I went home too.  But I think I forgot to put that in my workout log.

Overall, I’m doing pretty good on 6/11 of my goals, which is a little over half.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself.



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