I’m on Bloglovin’!

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I’m a WordPress girl.  I’ve used it since I discovered its existence in 2012, and I use the WordPress reader for the vast majority of blogs I follow.  There are only three blogs I don’t use the reader for, and that’s because they’re all hosted by Blogger and I can’t.  (Maybe there’s a way, but I haven’t figured it out.)

I joined Bloglovin’ last summer because of this blog.  I had heard of it, but before that point I had never bothered to give it a look.

To be honest, Bloglovin’ confuses me a bit.  I think it’s a great concept, but every time I try to figure it out I feel like I end up going in circles.  Most of the blogs featured on the site seem to not be particularly up my alley — maybe I haven’t browsed enough?

In any case, it’s spring break and I’ve had time to figure it out a bit.  Here’s to learning new bloggy things!

Got thoughts?

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