Don’t Pine for My Wall Art — You Can Make It, Too

I am so not sorry for that pun.

For those who may not know, Mission:Incomplete began as a sewing blog when it was in its baby stages.  Though it’s grown into something completely different now, I still love to sew and craft, and occasionally I do actually deign to buy craft supplies and make the time to do something.  Hence, this pineapple wall art collage.

I planned it out on Pinterest first, and you can check out my epic collection of pineapple pins below.  Once I had amassed enough, my sister helped me put them all into a Word document.  Then I had to print them all and cut them out.  At this stage of the process, I regretted choosing a design with so many leaves.

For some reason, embedding Pinterest boards never worked for me, so you can find my wall art inspiration board and my pineapple collection here!

From there it was easy peasy — mod podge, scrapbook paper, a piece of cardboard for a backing, and a frame were all I needed to finish it up.


12735536_1010529072337093_1597400013_n (1)









And I finally ended up with this!


“Sport your weirdness proudly” is a quote we should all take to heart.  I try to sport mine while I look at all the fruit hanging on my wall and pine for summer.

I’m not sorry for that pun either.


Got thoughts?

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