Flute? You Still Exist??

Besides a certain few people, there are only a few things I truly love in this world.  One is words.  And the other is music.

I played flute almost all of middle and high school, which equals out to about 9 years.  It was where I made some of my best high school friends and made some of my favorite memories.  Band gave me a sense of belonging that I had never found anywhere else.  But since I started college, I’ve barely played.

Why I Haven’t Played My Flute in Ages

  • No time.  How am I supposed to spend time with my boyfriend and my friends and my family and keep up with my classwork and sleep a little and still find time to play?  (Well, if you would quit watching Netflix, that would probably help…)
  • No one to play with.  While flute solos are wonderful, it gets a little dull just paying for myself after six years of concert band.  (Church orchestras!  University ensembles!  Start a band!  Your boyfriend plays guitar, for Pete’s sake!)
  • My teeth don’t want me to.  When I got my braces put on, it made it difficult to keep a good tone.  When I got them off, it made it even worse.  (Wah, wah.  Like you didn’t know music was hard work.)

The italicized side of my brain, prodded by said guitar-playing boyfriend, inclined me to pick up my flute the other day and play a few scales.  And even though I wasn’t perfect, my tone sounded significantly better than it did the last time I tried, and the last time, and the last time.  I ended my little practice session in a much better mood than I was in when I began.

Why I Want to Start Playing Again

  • I was good.  (Yay, talent and self-esteem!)
  • I know exactly what I need to do to hone my skill again.  (Long tones, here I come.)
  • I spent 9 years learning to play well.  (Waste all that money?  I don’t think so.)
  • It just damn well makes me happy.

Cheers to being happy.  Even if it means work.

Got thoughts?

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