Mission:Incomplete Gets a Makeover!

In case you haven’t noticed, Mission:Incomplete looks a bit different.  A little less beige.  A little more beachy.

What I Did

It didn’t take a lot to update the blog’s look.  I’m still tweaking a bit to get the colors exactly how I want them, but the main changes were simple:

  • Changed the theme from Bold Life to Lovecraft
  • Changed the header photo to one I took of Manuel Antonio Beach in Costa Rica
  • Changed the color scheme

Why I Did It

I didn’t just revamp everything for the fun of it (although that was definitely part of it!).  Here are the reasons behind the makeover:

  • The site now looks better on tablets and smartphones.  My previous theme was an older one that didn’t support mobile viewing as well.
  • Blogs should always be updated every so often — it had been about 2.5 years since I last changed the theme.
  • I wanted a more neutral color scheme.  I’m still honing down exactly what this blog’s main focus is, and neutrality makes it easier to be flexible about that.
  • I’m currently enrolled in WordPress’s Blogging 201, which is all about branding, so this is my first attempt at that.

There may be more changes in the future — I’d like to update my sidebar to better promote my older posts, so be on the lookout!  If there’s one thing I love about blogging (other the actual writing), it’s playing with aesthetics.  Almost like rearranging furniture, except I don’t have to move.

Let me know if you love or hate the new look!

Got thoughts?

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