I Didn’t Know Chickens Were This Scary

YouTube videos can be hilarious; everyone who has ever been on the Internet knows that.  I go through phases where I find one and watch it over and over and over, until all my friends and family are sick of it.  And then I happen upon a new one, and the cycle starts over.  Recently, this very terrifying chicken ran a close second to my favorite YouTube video of all time.

In other news, it’s almost time for my trip to Costa Rica!  In about two weeks, I’ll have been struggling along in Spanish for awhile and the first of four posts from that lovely tropical country will go up.  You can expect Spanish- and travel- and adventure-related posts for the forseeable future — one post for every week I’m there is the plan!  I’m incredibly excited, and a bit nervous, understandably, but I know it’s going to be an awesome adventure and I can’t wait to start it!  GET PUMPED.

Got thoughts?

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