Guys, I’ve Been Blogging for a Year

Although, if you want to get technical, I’ve been blogging for a year and two days because I am lazy and didn’t write this post on the 19th like I planned.

But still.

I’ve been blogging for a year!  That’s exciting, y’all!

I have two reactions to this.  One, I’m a bit surprised I’ve kept it up for this long.  This particular blog started out a sewing blog and turned into something completely different.  I’ve gone months without posting on it, but I still managed to rack up 52 posts.  Not a phenomenal number by any means, but it means I’ve stuck with it.  Even if most of those posts were written this year.

My other reaction is, burn the old posts.  I mean really.  Some of the refashions I did weren’t all that refashion-y and I probably shouldn’t have posted them.  But, I’m telling myself, it’s a learning process and all part of the journey.  (Although you’ll notice I still didn’t link back to those very first posts.)

I do really enjoy blogging as a hobby, though, and not just because I like to write, although that is a big reason.  But the other big reason is that I get connected to the awesome people who populate the blogosphere!  Between the time I started Mission:Incomplete and now, my interests have fluctuated, and I have found myself bored with my current reader more than once (not because the blogs I chose to follow were bad, but because “I am SOOO changeable!” [I will really be ecstatic if you comment on that quote, by the way]).  When I began to show more interest in writing than sewing, the blogosphere totally delivered.  Which, I will mention, has become extremely helpful now that I’m working on a novel.  

I do want to start stepping it up a bit for my second year, however.  I’ll continue to write book reviews, because I enjoy those and think they’re a good addition to my blog.  I’ll also keep you all updated on my journey to getting published — may need to create some new categories for this!  Also, since I’m beginning college in the fall (got my countdown going!  Less than a month!), you’ll probably get to hear about some of my escapades there.

A few things I’m going to try to post more of are pictures and videos.  I know I enjoy blogs that are very visual, and I don’t do near enough of that.  I’ll also try to dabble in some different posting styles, like flash fiction or poetry instead of my usual narrative.  And I’d definitely like to post more than 52 posts this year, but we’ll see.  For those who have been blogging awhile, got any tips to share about making my blog even better?

I’m excited to begin my second year of blogging!  You all have rewarded me with follows and likes and posts that interest me.  Thanks for making my first year awesome!  Year two, bring it on.


  1. Keep it up! You’re already way ahead of the game in terms of blogging, a lot of people actually quit after about 3 months because they don’t know what to do, or they just aren’t getting any comments/any traffic to their blog.

    Nice to see that you didn’t get discouraged that that you’re pursuing your dreams! Well done!

    – Chris :)

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