Thrifting Tips + Maxi Skirt Refashion

In the summer, I sew and write, write and sew.  Yesterday when I got tired of writing, I went to Goodwill and found this skirt for a mere $3…


It was a size 18.  But it turned into this…



Want to do some thrifty refashion projects yourself, but don’t know how to spot a good project piece?  Well, look no further than…

My Nifty Tips for Thrifting Refashion Projects!

1. Find a good print. Cute fabric is always what I look for first when I go thrifting.  If you don’t like the fabric, chances are you’re not going to wear what you make.

2. Check the size. It’s always better to go large when you can — extra fabric is always a safe bet.

3. Think about the possibilities before you buy.  In other words, make sure the item is refashion-able. Does it have a lot of seams that will need ripping? Will it be feasible to work with? Make sure the refashion you have in mind will be worth your time.

4.  Make sure the item is a good buy!  Just because it came from a thrift shop doesn’t mean it’s a good deal.  Know when your thrift shop’s sales are.  Why buy an $8 dress when you can get it for $3?

5.  Know when to splurge!  Obviously, thrift shops are probably never going to have the same items twice.  (Unless it really is horrendous and people keep donating it again.)  If you find a piece you know you can do something with, and you know you would actually wear it, and you’ve been looking for something like it for ages — go for it!  You’ll still be saving money — it’s a thrift shop.

Got thoughts?

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