Forpy: Grad and Grindstone

Well, folks, I’ve done it. I finally graduated high school! Woohoo!

insert victory dance here

In doing so, I also neglected to do my Forpy post at all last week, instead of just posting late as usual. I’ve also been working quite a lot lately as well. I would do a rundown of high and lowlights from the past week, but really, the list would be short. I graduated! I had a great weekend with my family and friends and now I’m looking forward to what’s next. College orientation and choir tour are coming up, and I got an iPhone as a graduation gift from my parents (on which I am currently typing this). Other than that, nothing much is going on but work and more work. Which I’m okay with.

I will have something slightly more interesting for you to read shortly, as I’m working on finishing up my next book review. Stay tuned!

Got thoughts?

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