Forpy: Semblance of Busy

I am a busy bee with an illusion of nothing to do.  I am a slacker with a semblance of busy.  I’ve been reading the Traveling Pants series over again, and the way Ann Brashares writes gets into my brain.  The woman is a genius at writing.


  • I make way too many dumb mistakes at my job, and I may or may not have overheard my manager talking with a shift leader about a new employee who asks dumb questions.  I have no idea if they were talking about me.  Sigh…
  • Also, I’m having a lot of scheduling issues at work, like the one where prom and a speech competition and a probably-mandatory work shift all coincide.  Why can’t life be simple?
  • I really have a lot of stuff to do, but summer break mode is stealing over me.  Can I just read and watch movies and go out with my friends?


  • Other than the dumb thing, my job is going fairly well.  I now know what it is like to be a mascot, and it is freeing.  (I danced around Market Square to the beat of the drums.  Alone.  I would never do that without a disguise.)
  • Ummm…

Really, nothing too exciting is happening in my life right now.  But I’ll go ahead and make the other lists…


  • Remember how I mentioned I was a slacker?  Well, that goes for my God-life, too.


  • I actually have a lot of fun stuff to look forward to this month (or technically next month…), not least is graduation.  Finally!

Not very meaty lists, but the best I can do under the circumstances.

Got thoughts?

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