Forpy: Smooth Road


  • Whoa. . .high school is almost over.  I’m not bummed about finishing, because believe me, I’m ready to get out.  But this is one chapter of my life that can never be lived again.
  • Certain people were really getting on my nerves this week, and then I complain, and then I know I shouldn’t and then I feel guilty for complaining.


  • I finished my second-to-last subject last Thursday.  :D
  • My new job has been going great!  I’m learning quickly and it’s a lot of fun so far.  
  • Finally received my book from Waterbrook Multnomah — look for the review in a few weeks!
  • Got to spend some time with a friend who I haven’t really talked to in ages.  ♥
  • I will have some time this summer to work on one of my goals — getting published before I graduate college.  Time to sift through all my old, forgotten, unfinished stories.


  • Of course, prayers go up for all the people in Boston and in Texas.  
  • The boy in my Sunday school class whose father died after a long illness.
  • I hope my economics studying pays off in May.


  • God found me a job I will enjoy.
  • Have I mentioned high school is almost over?

Life’s pretty good (see title).  Of course, as I write these, I think of all these things I wish I had done better this week, like studying more (ahem) and exercising and eating better.  But that’s what this post is for, right?  I look back and see what I can do better.  

Self Challenge:  This week, I will study more than I will slack off.  I will practice my flute, because I CAN overcome this tone issue that my braces have caused.  I will exercise to keep myself healthy and I will try to cut down on the junk food.

Got thoughts?

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