Forpy: Peakweek


  • I didn’t get the job that would’ve been my first choice.  Mainly because I balked about handing in the application.  My fault.


  • I did, however, get a job finally.  :)
  • This week’s flute lesson went amazing.
  • I got to go to the fitness class I’ve missed four straight weeks of.
  • I am less than a week away from being unofficially done with high school!  Then it’s time to study, study, study for econ.


  • While I am not busy this semester, a lot of my friends are, and I’m having trouble keeping up with them.  :(
  • I hope I don’t fail at my new job.  (I know I won’t, but there will be a lot more to remember than there was at last year’s summer job.)


  • My own flute teacher is the best person ever.
  • Did I mention I found a job?
  • And that I’m almost done with high school?
  • And that’s it’s finally spring and all the trees are blooming?  Check out the blossoms below, and click on any photo to scroll through them all in a larger format.  Leave a comment!


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