Forpy: No Worries


  • The out-of-town wifi issue occurred again, which means my second Forpy post is late.
  • Due to life, I was unable to go to church this Easter morning.  I really, really hated missing.
  • Just like on this day, I’ve really been rethinking my college decisions.  Rawr!!


  • I found a prom dress!  It’s a salmon pink halter top gown, in case you were wondering.  AND I got it at a consignment sale, so it was super reasonable.  Yay for thrifting!
  • I got to do a Harry Potter-themed photo shoot with a friend.  Walking around downtown in search of wizard-esque brick walls while wearing skirts and ties is always fun.  So is sneaking around the library because photo shoots aren’t exactly condoned in there.
  • The braces are now un-sore.  Yay for taking bites of sandwiches.
  • I got to go shopping while out of town and found three new summer dresses at a consignment shop.  Yay again for thrifting!
  • Speaking of out of town, the weather down here is GAWGEOUS.  All the redbuds and azaleas are blooming.  I love spring.
  • I now have a flute student.


  • Just about my whole extended family is having health issues, which is never fun.
  • I’m so anxious about my college choice!  Was it the right one?
  • My Chick-Fil-A interview is tomorrow.  I so hope this is the one!


  • My family is one of servants.  Dude, these are good and selfless people.
  • God is teaching me to be a servant, as well.  And to have a good attitude.
  • Literally six or seven times this week, verses and messages about not worrying have been popping up all over the place — in my Bible reading, on the radio, even framed in my cousin’s house.  God is speaking to me, and I know He has it all under control.

This week I’ve felt so connected to God despite all the mundane ups and downs.  He loves me, ya’ll!  Slowly I’m learning that life is just about doing it with Him.  And that makes me happy.

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