Introducing Forpy

Forpy n. the new weekly post on Mission:Incomplete (origin: the four p’s: peaks, pits, praises, prayers)

Pinterest is very inspirational to me.  Seriously.  I don’t just sit there and pin cool ideas and activities that I never accomplish.  Okay, I do sometimes, but on more than one occasion Pinterest has given me a really great idea.

the inspiration
the inspiration

I have been looking for something I can post here weekly, and this pin (to the left) came to my mind.  It’s pretty self-explanatory — in this journal you’re supposed to record your highs and lows.  Simple, right?  That’s exactly what I’ll do here every Saturday — I’ll think back over my week and record the good and the bad.  Looking at it this way will help me look on the bright side, and hopefully it will inspire others to do the same.  However, I am changing the order of the four p’s — I like to end on the high side rather than the low.


  • I was out of town on Saturday and my computer wouldn’t pick up the wifi, so the first Forpy post is late.
  • I heard back from Target saying I didn’t get the job I applied for.
  • Due to braces, I couldn’t eat all the delish leftovers that are in the fridge right now.  Do you know how seldom we have yummy leftovers?
  • Speaking of braces, they ache and look dumb.
  • I am a slacker – I didn’t do as much schoolwork as I should have this week.
  • My piano lesson was canceled.


  • I discovered some awesome smoothie recipes!
  • I am beginning to enjoy economics again – we’ve been doing AP questions in class and I’m getting the hang of them.
  • My sister and I ran for 30 minutes straight this week, and the 5K is in two weeks.  We are so ready!
  • My flute teacher called saying she referred me to someone who needed an affordable teacher for their beginner flute student.  I may be getting called soon!
  • The unofficial end of high school is in sight – out of my three subjects this semester, two are one chapter away from being finished.
  • I got a Chick-Fil-A application.  Maybe it will go somewhere.
  • I discovered Blogging for Books!
  • Next week is spring break!


  • I need a summer job.
  • A friend was in and out of the hospital this week and has been feeling bad because of the prescription.
  • Strength and perseverance to Saeed, an American pastor imprisoned in Iran for his Christian faith, and to Naghmeh, his wife, who is doing everything she can to get his story heard.


  • The weather was really pretty this week!  (Until it got cold again…but before that it was gorgeous.)
  • Braces, though unfun, are definitely a very good thing.
  • My future is bright and I’m enjoying school again after an all-semester slump.
  • My peaks list is way longer than my pits list.
  • God is always faithful!
  • A friend got over the flu.

Got thoughts?

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