Thirty White Horses: Part Two

me before braces...
me before braces…

My last toothy post was written with crooked teeth.  This toothy post is being written with teeth in the process of getting straight.

My braces went on Tuesday.  I was a little nervous, because I wasn’t sure how much it would hurt or how long it would take.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  For those who don’t know, it’s actually a fairly quick process.  They polish your teeth, then make a little cotton “guard” in your mouth so that all the orthodontist sees is your teeth.  The mouth cavity is completely closed off, which was nice because it made it possible to swallow.  Then they prime your teeth, blow-dry them so the braces will stick better, brush on the adhesive, and press on the brackets.

. . .me with braces!
. . .me with braces!

It was surprising how quickly the brackets went on.  Remember that second cast they had to make of my mouth (which wasn’t as bad as the first one, by the way)?  They used that to make a plastic-y mold of my mouth, on which the brackets were placed.  After they spread the adhesive, all they did was smoosh the molds over my teeth.  When the adhesive was dry, they chipped off the molds and the brackets were in place.

After that they strung the wire and pulled it tight.  Then they showed me how to brush my teeth and how to wear rubber bands, and I was done.

I was barely sore on Tuesday, but trying to play my flute that night at band made my mouth start to hurt.  Apparently you can’t play flute with rubber bands in, but I wasn’t about to take them out on the first day.

All my friends said the second day was worse than the first, and they were pretty much right.  But it wasn’t really that bad.  Eating was the issue, but even that wasn’t terrible.  I just have to eat slowly and choose softer foods for awhile.  Today, four days after getting my braces on, I’m already starting to get used to them.

Of course, braces aren’t exactly a party.  For one, I think they look really stupid on me.  But once my teeth line up a bit, they’ll start to look okay.  For two, I now have all these indentations in my mouth where the brackets sit, and they hurt.  My mouth hasn’t yet hardened itself against all the metal.  For three, I am really dreading having to brush my teeth in the community bathrooms come fall.  Imagine a bulldog drooling, but with really clean teeth – that’s pretty much me at bedtime.

Braces aren’t fun.  But they’re doable, and it’s definitely worth it.  I’m already looking forward to the day when I get them off and get to see my teeth perfectly aligned.  :D

Foods to Eat After Getting Braces

  •  Smoothies (find some great smoothie recipes on my Pinterest board)
  • Milkshakes/ice cream
  • Grits/oatmeal
  • Soup (try a grilled cheese sandwich soaked in tomato soup – it’s really not bad)
  • Chocolate (melt it in your mouth – yumm)
  • Applesauce
  • Pasta
  • Yogurt/Kefir
  • Cereal in milk (i.e. soggy cereal…but hey, if you can eat it…)
  • Italian ice (not real ice – that’s too crunchy)


  1. When I got my braces I pretty much ate nothing else than tomato soup for the next couple of days. I really hope it won’t be as painful for you as it was for me since I have terribly sensitive teeth. And always remember, it will be worth it ;)

    • Yeah, it hasn’t been that bad. Right now I’m thankful, ’cause there’s a girl at my church who has to have chains put into her gums to pull her teeth down! Thanks for commenting! It always makes me smile. :)

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