Gold Key

I wrote a post back in January and mentioned a writing competition that I had entered.  The results were posted on January 31, but I completely forgot about it.  How does one forget about something like that?  That’s like forgetting that you auditioned for a prestigious band!  But I did forget.  Don’t ask me how.

Today, thirteen days after the 31st, I remembered about the contest.  I went to the website to read the results.

Every single thing I entered won something.

huge smilies

Let me boast a bit more — if you don’t like people who brag, stop reading now.  But I am so freaking psyched I must announce.  :D

I entered four individual writing pieces, and three of them won Silver Keys, the second highest regional award.  One got an honorable mention.  I’d like it to be known that only 15-20% of entries get even an honorable mention.

more huge smilies

But that’s not all.  I also entered my four pieces as a writing portfolio, something only a graduating senior can do.  Since I didn’t see it on the list of regional winners, I didn’t think it had won anything.  But I still decided to look at the other list to see if I knew anyone whose works were going to nationals.

My portfolio was on that list.

My portfolio won a Gold Key.

My portfolio is now going to the national competition.


Now I just have to wait for March 15, when the national results are announced.  I’ll probably forget about that one, too.

Got thoughts?

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