Dear Nicki

I picked up American Idol in the middle of last season and liked it, so I’m watching it again.  Of the new judges, you, Nicki Minaj, are my favorite.  You are hysterical and sweet.  But I had never really heard many of your songs when I began watching the show, so I decided to have a little search on Youtube.

As a rule, I dislike rap, but I have to admit you are good.  You are creative and have an ear for what will stick in people’s minds, which obviously is a skill that sells.  I wish I could say that I listen to your songs all the time, that I want them in my head.  But that would be lying.

I watched two and a half of your videos before I had to close out my tab.  Perhaps I should have watched more – I realize that since I have heard very few of your songs, maybe I’m missing the bigger picture.  But the ones I listened to were on the top of the charts, and majority rules.  I loved the beats of the songs, and the colors and settings were fun, but the message was tiresome.  Is sex all you sing about?

I know I shouldn’t be surprised, because that is the music industry these days.  Sex is what sells — it is in the country songs, the rock, the pop.  Most other industries are on board, too – clothing, liquor, and television, to name a few.

And the advertising works.  I have found myself thinking, yes!  Give me this which you sing of (or wear, or drink)!  Everything I see makes sex look like the best thing ever.  It’s like I’ll never need anything else, because I’ll be completely fulfilled.  I’ll be hot, I’ll feel hot, and others will be and feel hot because of me.  It looks like fun.

But the other reaction is repulsion and sadness.  I see these music videos, and these clothes, and these liquor ads, and think, Does no one think about anything other than sex?  It makes me want to go live on a mountain by myself and never have sex, ever.  It makes me wonder if it is possible to produce something not about sex that will actually make it to the top of the list.

I do not dislike you, Nicki Minaj. I don’t even dislike your songs.  You are clever and crazy intelligent.  I just wish you would flaunt your mind instead of your body.    


Got thoughts?

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