It’s a Bust

ImageYep…busted like a poorly thought-out crime.  Big Creek Missions is not going to work for me this year.

Why? you ask.  You seemed so excited when you first  posted about it a few days ago.

Well, there are a few reasons.

College orientation + Big Creek = (schedule clash) x (time crunch)

2013 Choir Tour and Big Creek: not compatible

Number of weeks at most I could spend there: 5

Minimum number of weeks a staffer can work: 5

Big Creek Staff-Choosing Criteria: people who can work as many weeks as possible over those who can’t

Holy Spirit nudges of “yes” while looking over application: 0

Besides, I found out that high school grads can only be assistant staffers.  Apparently it’s the college students who are actual staff.  Perhaps it will work in 71.57 weeks or so.

Got thoughts?

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