Ebenezer Grinch

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the. . .oh shut up.

Anyone else not feeling Christmas-y?  Last year I was listening to Christmas music by October and dragging the tree out shortly thereafter.  Which might be why I don’t want to be festive this year — I used two years’ worth of Christmas cheer 12 months ago.

It also might be because I’m a senior, and I’m just ready to get this year over with.  High school was fun, but I’m ready for something new.  Can’t we just go straight to January?  Better yet, March?

I don’t even care about putting up the tree, honestly (which, no, we have not done yet).  My parents are just now getting around to getting out the decorations.  Yes, two weeks before Christmas.  I’m not the only one with Grinch-itis.

Don’t get me wrong, now.  I love shopping for my family, and I love how the tree looks all lit up at night with pretty presents under it, and I love watching Christmas movies while sipping hot chocolate and eating popcorn (White Christmas, anyone?).  But this year I’d be okay with or without that stuff.

Call me a Scrooge.  But I’m just not into it.  And that’s okay.  I don’t have to be bubbling over with consumerist joy, or even spiritual joy, in order to enjoy the season.  (Funny. . .enjoy. . .I’m not completely joyless, you see.)  But I guess I’m more peaceful.  I want to get on to the next chapter of my life, but I know (as much as one can) what my future holds and I can relax and be happy now.  That’s a luxury a lot of people don’t have.  So, I guess, disregard the above.  I am having a quieter sort of Christmas cheer.

Have a Christmas song.  With slightly goofy pictures of people who really do have Christmas cheer. . .eh, just play the music and open a new tab.

Have a cliche quote too.

God bless us, every one.  –Tiny Tim

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