Dress to Skirt Refashion

I got this tube top dress at Plato’s Closet, a super awesome resale store, about a year ago.  I really liked the dress then and wore it a lot, but I’m not so into it anymore.  With old clothes you don’t like, there are two options: give away, or refashion.  Totally obvious.


Before. . .cute dress, unworn. . .


The plan was to chop off the skirt part and reattach it to the bodice a little higher so the elastic sat at my waist instead of my hips.  However, the bodice had less fabric in the back than it did at the front, so even though I cut straight, the hem ended up uneven.  Therefore, I hemmed the inch of fabric I had left at the top of the skirt, and voila.  New skirt.  I’m more likely to wear a skirt than a dress, anyway.


. . .after!  Much more wearable.

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